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UV Treated Non Woven Fabric

AEROLINE FABRIC has install PP SPUN BOND NON WOVEN FABRIC machine with DOUBLE BEAM technology known as “SS Line”. The product is more efficient, high tensile strength and long durable than single beam S line. We are ready to cater customer requirement with wide range of choice from Colour, width & GSM.

Aeroline Fabric is able to supply various kind of Specialize Laminated fabric required as per customer need. This lamination facilities is special to enhance the Non-woven fabric usage as well as its performance. We are combining Non-woven with various kind of specialize film & other additive to achieve best Product. Below is list of range with us.

Nursery Ground Cover

Dig or pull any existing weeds in the garden bed to start with a weed-free area. Turn the garden soil with a tiller or fork. Work compost and any soil additives into the ground based on what you plan to plant in the area. Since the fabric will cover the soil, perform all amendments before laying the material.

Fruits & Vegetable Cover

Fresh fruits and vegetable are highly susceptible to microbial spoilage. This can be avoided with the application of surface treatments. The treatment of surface has to be as gentle as possible for keeping the integrity and the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Minimal processing techniques such as ultraviolet (UV) light treatment meet these requirements.