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Company Profile

Aeroline Fabrics LLP is India's leading manufacturer of PP (Polypropylene) based "Spunmelt" & "Spunbond" Nonwoven Fabric.Backed by a leading Indian business conglomerate, we are India's first company to install a Single Beam & Multi Beam, 2.2 meters width, Our manufacturing site is located at strategically important location of Rajkot, Gujarat (India).

We maintain highest standards of hygiene at our manufacturing facility to manufacture excellent quality Non-Woven fabrics of Hygiene and Medical under the umbrella brand Glocare TM. World class operation and management systems together with excellent inhouse warehousing facilities enable us to meet all the expectations of our customers.

Aeroline Fabrics LLPmanufactures wide range of Spunbond (SSS) and Single Beam & Double Beam fabric in roll goods form and in the weight per unit area range of 20-150 GSM. We can offer many surface treatments (Anti - Static, UV, etc.), different colors and slit width ranging from 60-4200 m.m and 2.2 Meters as per customized.


Future Plans

We will keep try to innovate new market for our product and to gain higher customer satisfaction. And we will always try to shine and develop the brand name Aeroline Fabrics LLP


Our mission is to cater the requirements of the Domestic and International market with qualitative products at competitive rate.

Production Method

Spinning Process:

Spinning is a procedure of producing/converting fiber materials in yarns. On an initial stage it goes through the blowroom where the size of cotton becomes smaller by the help of machinery followed by carding. After carding, the process is continued by drawing which includes attenuating in spinning mills. The silver produced by drawing is then processed for combining where consistent size of cloth is attained. It is then stepped further for roving for purpose to prepare input package. This roving is attenuated by rollers and then spun around the rotating spindle.

Weaving Process:

Weaving is second level after spinning. Here, the yarn from spinning section is sent further for doubling and twisting. It is than processed for shifting of yarn in convenient form of package containing sufficient yarn length. At the stage of creeling the exhausted packages are replaced with the new ones which is followed by wraping. The wrap yarn is provided a protective coating to lessen the breakage of yarn which is called as sizing. It is considered as an important segment. This yarn is then processed for winding on weavers beam supported by the final step of weaving.

Core Team & Management

A Systematic and well-defined organization structure plays a vital role & provides accurate information to the top-level management. An organization structure defines a clear-cut line of authorities & responsibility among the employee of the work together shaved a common discipline & contributed to the top level.